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Sonia Patel, RN, BSN

Chief Nursing Officer

What are your professional areas of expertise and notable accomplishments (either at PMG or other jobs prior to PMG)?

As Chief Nursing Officer at PMG:

  • Created the daily IM provider/staffing schedule, this schedule is currently used by the IM department to communicate during clinical hour’s coverage.
  • Implemented a new Rapid Response Procedure/Protocol, created the policy and continue to provide annual training and reminders to make sure staff is able to respond in emergency situations.
  • Created the Injection Room Policy/Procedure Manual, the manual is currently used for training and insuring all Injection Room RNs follow proper clinical standards.
  • Implemented a better group coverage schedule for the PCP Providers by adjusting Group One and Group Two Providers for better efficiency and daily coverage
  • Took on the role of assigning provider coverage for the PCP provider
  • Played a lead role in the development of Requirement Document for call handling during the outsourcing of the PMG Call Center
  • Developed a new “Reason for Call” workflow for call handling, that is currently used
  • Developed the initial training policy manual for IM, OBGYN ,and Derm for clinical staff training.

As a Program Manager of Princeton HealthCare System Community Education & Outreach Department:

  • created awareness, coordinated, and managed numerous health and wellness related programs
  • oversaw 376 CPR and first aid courses
  • coordinated 45plus corporate outreach
  • assisted with the coordination of 25 events focused on the specific health needs of minority population
  • Vital team member, that managed and implemented the grand opening of our new hospital UMCCP yielding a successful event of over 10,000 attendees
  • Managed 10K Race and Kids Marathon event in June 2013, were we had over 600 10K racers and over 500 Kids from K-8 grade

Certifications Held:

  • New Jersey Registered Nurse
  • Certified Childbirth Educator
    • Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider CPR Instructor
    • Child Passenger Safety Technician
    • Certified Breastfeeding Counselor
    • r.a.d. KIDS Instructor
    • R.A.D. Women Instructor
    • Safe Sitter Instructor
    • American Heart Association Regional Faculty 2011-2014

Please tell us a fun fact about yourself that does not involve work.

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