Masks are now OPTIONAL when entering PMG except for areas where Oncology patients receive care

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To help ensure a healthy pregnancy, schedule a preconception appointment with one of our physicians as soon as you begin thinking about pregnancy.

A preconception appointment is especially important if you’re in your 30s or 40s or you have any chronic health conditions or special concerns. Your doctor will also review your medications at this time and determine what is safe to continue in pregnancy.

  • Please visit this website to learn more about your preconception health
  • Please consider filling out this sheet prior to your preconception visit
  • It is recommended that patients start a Folic Acid Supplement if they are not using contraception
  • Start tracking your menstrual cycles
  • Stay up to date with your dental cleanings

Genetic Carrier Screening

Princeton Medical Group uses Integrated Genetics’ InheriTest genetic carrier screening to determine if you or your partner are carriers for a genetic mutation.

Many people are carriers of mutations that do not cause them, or their children, to have the disease. If you are found to carry a disease-causing gene, you will receive genetic counseling and your partner will be tested to see if they carry the same genetic mutation. Please remember, even if you and your partner are both carriers, the majority of the time your child will be healthy. It is important to keep this perspective while we gather more information about the specific risks for your pregnancy.