Masks are now OPTIONAL when entering PMG except for areas where Oncology patients receive care

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Maternity Leave Information & Disability Paperwork

Please allow Princeton Medical Group Medical Records Department 2 weeks to process your disability paperwork.  Always check with your company’s Human Resources first to learn about your company’s maternity leave policy

Most people who work in NJ submit NJ Temporary Disability forms online, and Family Leave Form for newborn bonding after baby is born.

People who work in NY submit NY Temporary disability forms and Family Leave Form for newborn bonding after baby is born.

Childbirth Classes

Though PMG OBGYN physicians will deliver your baby at Princeton Medical Center, we encourage you to find a childbirth class that fits your needs and is conveniently located for you. There are also exclusively virtual options.

Birthing Classes by Former L&D Nurse/Doula Esta “Ambika” Desa

Esta is a Registered Nurse Clinician, certified Childbirth Education Specialist, certified Doula, and certified Yoga & Prenatal Yoga Instructor. She’s spent decades providing direct bedside care to birthing mothers and their families along with teaching yoga and childbirth classes.

Breast Pump
Ordering Information

Please request a personalized breast pump prescription through the patient portal or at your office visit.

Breast pumps are useful for any mother who is planning on breastfeeding. We encourage all of our patients to order their breast pumps PRIOR to their delivery.

Most insurance companies will allow you to order a pump within 30 days of your due date. Please check with your health insurance to order a breast pump through their approved medical device supplier.

Breast Pumps

Picking A Pediatrician

Please select a pediatrician prior to the delivery.

At the delivery, you will notify the nursing staff of your selection. Please select a pediatrician that takes your insurance and has convenient hours and location for you.

The pediatrician does not have to be affiliated with Princeton Medical Center. If your pediatrician is unaffiliated with Princeton Medical Center, there are Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania (CHOP) neonatologists available to assess your baby on a daily basis while in the hospital

This is a list of local Pediatricians affiliated with Princeton Medical Center. If you select a pediatrician from this list, a provider from their group will assess your baby daily while you are in the hospital.

On-Call Schedule &
Physician Coverage

There is a Princeton Medical Group OBGYN physician on call for 24 hours each day at the hospital. There is a predetermined call schedule that cannot be altered. When you go into labor, the on call physician will be responsible for your delivery.

You have the option to meet other physicians in our group during your prenatal visits.