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Your Referral is
the Highest Compliment

Thank you for your interest in Princeton Medical Group! We look forward to providing excellent and convenient care to your patient.

To speak to a referring doctor, please call
609.924.9300 and select option #2.

Quality of Care

Our practice was created in an effort to bring the best specialists in Princeton together in one practice. Our physicians are well-known in the community and have excellent records in patient outcomes.

Prompt Reporting

We make it a priority to keep you updated about your patient. Many reports are sent to you the same day we see your patient or receive test results. We use electronic medical records to streamline communication, and we have direct access to medical records at most area hospitals.

Specialty Fax Numbers

  • Cardiology: 609.924.2529
  • Dermatology: 609.497.4859
  • Endocrinology: 609.252.9728
  • Gastroenterology: 609.497.2771
  • Oncology: 609.269.8810
  • Primary Care: 609.924.3477
  • Pulmonary: 609.269.8816
  • Rheumatology: 609.655.7466

Administration Fax Numbers

  • Executive Administration: 609.430.9481
  • Human Resources: 609.604.5367
  • Medical Records: 609.924.3477
  • Business Office/Patient Accounts: 609.497.4853